Values as a Social Worker

This week we learned about the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice in the Social Work profession. The two values that spoke to me were “Respect for Inherent Dignity and Worth of Persons” and “Social Justice”. These values contribute to my Social Worker Profile. My family and my community taught me that each individual holds worth and that society must strive to end inequity and injustice. In striving to work with youth in the the LGBTQ2+ community, I acknowledge that uniqueness and diversity are what makes the world amazing. I also acknowledge the injustices that exist within their community. I want to work to overcome these injustices and make positive change.

Published by christal1984

I started this website because I believe in the power of expression through writing. I was bullied as a child. It was so hard on my self-esteem. Writing poetry, reading poetry and music, all helped me to get through those tough times. It allowed me to build confidence in myself and realize that I was powerful, even though others tried to make me feel powerless. I want to pursue Social Work and when I have my BSW, I want to start a creative writing class for youth, with an emphasis on the LGBTQ2 community. Thank you.

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