LGBTQ2+ Community

As a heterosexual woman, leading a creative writing class with LGBTQ2+ youth may pose challenges. I would label myself as a moderator and I would make sure that I checked my biases at all times. My goal would be to incorporate guest speakers in the LGBTQ2+ to educate and to share their experiences, and to share their writing.

The reason I chose this route for my Social Work profile was because my homosexual friend was bullied excessively as a child. It was so tough for him, and so difficult for me to see. I want youth to know, at a young age, how diversity is so amazing!

The readings on the LGBTQ2+ community was very helpful in making my Social Worker Profile. Some discussion and creative writing could focus on topics such as:





Emotions around school, home and themselves

How the group thinks others perceive them

How can the LGBTQ2+ and hetorosexual youth can work together for Social Change

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