Concept de l’écriture et de la littérature avec un crayon duquel s’échappe les lettres de l’alphabet symbole de l’inspiration.

Emotional expression can thrive through creative writing. It heals, it empowers. I would love to hear some poems, or short stories about your own experiences in life.

This is a great way to get to know you on an individual level.

Please post on the site, if you don’t want anyone to see it, please email me from the contact page.


I wrote this poem in grade 9. I was feeling very vulnerable at this time and wrote this poem to express myself in my English class.

Something Too Small

                   A tear rolled down my cheek
                      but Mom wiped it away
                   she never really consoled me,
                 just informed me of a brand new day

               "Kids will say things", she would state,
                      "no need to be in gloom."
                    But when she thought I was okay,
                        I'd cry up in my room

               I would wonder what it's like to be wanted
               For I thought it was an impossible dream
                      Being beautiful, being bright
                         Actually being seen

                     Like a bug, with no where to go, 
               Why should they care of something so small?
                They were the feet that would stomp on me
                       Until I was nothing at all

                    I knew I could change who I was,
                     and inside I really did care,
                     But I could never be a foot, 
                    and bugs are not at all rare
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